SR – Coffee Table



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Designed by Massimo Castagna

0,4 cm steel and Brass
Legs in 0,8 cm thick steel and Brass


Steel, Brass, brass Patina, H-Silver®, Silver Patina, burnished by hand using traditional techniques, which is a result of an exclusive HENGE recipe.

Top Finishes

Forest fusion or forest fusion black. Titanium foam. Stones as per our samples.

This product has a delivery estimate of 12-16 weeks

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Ø  32.1" x 15.3" h
Ø  39.3" x 15.3"h
Ø  47.8" x 9.8" h
Ø  55.7" x 9.8"h
Ø 62.9" x 9.8" h

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