Aella Bold Suspension



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Designed by Toso & Massari.

Aella (1968) remains one of the icons of Leucos, representing our vision to bring a fresh, contemporary point of view to traditional hand-blown glass techniques. As a Maestro from the Veneto region of Italy hand blows Aella, they create a stunning cone of glass frozen in its diffuser. As if by magic, a vortex of light appears to float inside this glass cone and beautifully illuminates your space. Toso & Massari’s design inspiration for this glass shape came from Aella (the Ancient Greek word for “whirlwind”), who was the first Amazon warrior bold enough to lunge at Heracles

Integrated LED 1x 5W 2700K >90 CRI Integrated LED (510 Lumen Output) Dimming Protocol: Trailing and Leading Edge Phase Cut Max Lumens: 510 Voltage: 120 V

Diffuser Options: Amber, Antico, Cognac Sfumato, Smoke Grey, Transparent, White Sfumato

Structure Options: Chrome, Gold, Gunmetal

This product has a delivery estimate of 5 - 7 weeks.

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Width: 8.3in
Depth: 8.3in
Height: 7.1in

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