1.3 Bar Stool



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Designed By Kihyun Kim

The ensemble of the 1.3 collection comprises a chair, stool, and bar stool. The most outstanding feature of this delicate, light 1.3 STOOL and 1.3 BAR is the wafer-thin impression made by the fine contours of the seat. It looks as if it is floating in the air. Chair, stool, and bar stool also have the visual softness of “Pad” optic. Space-saving shape and stable construction give this ensemble big city flair – in small restaurants, snack bars, bars, and bistros.

Materials: Solid wood – Oak, American walnut.

This product has a delivery estimate of 12-16 weeks.

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Available Sizes:

Ø 19.6" x  H 31.6"

Ø 18.3" x H 25.7"

Seating Ø 13.7"

Footrest H 13.7", 7.8"

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