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Designed by Jean Marie Massaud.

Flow Chair and Flow Slim’s smart, simple and eye-catching design, crosses the boundaries of its democratic cross-cutting nature, changing skin and turning into an even richer, elegant and tailor-made product, to meet the needs of a market aiming at refinement.
This is how Flow Leather was born.

Jean Marie Massaud’s chair comes coated in two types of leather. The former, Lanilina leather, is offered in seven different colors. It is micro-perforated externally, while inside it is smooth. It is premium leather, suitable for specific home environments such as dining rooms, living areas, but also for home office and smart working spaces. The second type, Nuvola leather, conceived for business and public venues such as restaurants, hotels, offices. It's a leather micro-perforated internally, while it is smooth on the outside: it is a contemporary, dynamic, high-impact covering, which at times recalls the look of sports car seats and comes in 11 color tones.

Flow Leather enriches the already large Flow family, with new suggestions and emotions.

Base: VN 4-legged steel base, with central leg, VN 4-legged oak base, 4-legged oak base, 4-legged CROSS and OAK CROSS base

This product has a delivery estimate of 14-16 weeks.

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VN 4-legged steel base
L22" x D 22" x H 30" cm seat H 17.3"

With central leg
L 21.6" x D 17.3" x H 30" seat H 17.3"

VN 4-legged oak base
L22" x D 22" x H 30" seat H 17.3"

4-legged oak base
L  D 21.2" H 30" seat H 17.3"

4-legged CROSS and OAK CROSS base
L 21.6" D 20.8" x H 30"  seat H 17.3"

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