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Design by Iratzoki Lizaso

The functional characteristics of the Lan chair are inconspicuous: the mechanism disappears under the seat and the armrests form an integral part of the backrest. Meticulous work has been carried out on the shape, the contact zones, and the choice of materials in order to create a congenial and comfortable object. Wood, Alki’s favorite material, is used in both inside and outside the seat.

The functionality of the Lan chair enables it to adapt to all morphologies, and the synchronous mechanism integrated into the seat is self-adjusting. It tailors the tension of the backrest according to the weight of the user. The backrest can be locked in three different tilt positions and its shape has been designed to allow the user maximum freedom of twisting movement.

Office chair available with Caster wheels and 4-legged Base.

This product has a delivery estimate of 10-12 weeks.


Caster W 27.20 x D 26.10" x H 39.40"- 43.70"
4-legged W 24.02 x D 22.05" x H 41.4"

Low Back
Caster W 27.2" x D 25.6" x H 36.2" - 40.5"
4-Legged W 24" x D 22" x H 37.8"

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