Inumbrina 380 Umbrella



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The success of Inumbra clearly proves that the innovative nature of this parasol appeals to a lot of people. The demand for a lighter version led to the birth of Inumbrina seven years after the launch of its big sister. Although Inumbrina is lighter (and is best taken inside in heavier weather), it offers the same advantages as Inumbra: it has the same innovative beauty, and its flat design also makes it very wind resistant.

The major difference between Inumbra and Inumbrina lies in how they are operated. When converting to a lighter and thinner central pole, the challenge was to replace the handle and spindle system. Our technical team came up with an ingenious pulley and rope system. Opening and closing the parasol with a rope turns out to be really easy, and even faster!

Just like Inumbra, the version of Inumbrina with a 380 cm diameter combines perfectly with Gargantua and Pantagruel, although in this case the pole fits through the parasol hole and rests on the ground. Includes concrete base that is 30"" Square, 4.3"" High, and 275lbs. Casters available for base.

Frame Finish: Stainless Steel

Fabric Finish: Black, White, Taupe

This product has a delivery estimate of 10-14 weeks.

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Available Size:

Ø 149.6" x H 109.8"

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