Ocean Master Max Classic Umbrella



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TUUCI’s technology thrusts have yielded important advancements in counter-windforce engineering found exclusively on the Ocean Master MAX collection. TUUCI’s new “V-MAX”™ Strut Design features a four-point profile which concentrates strength along the radial walls at precisely the positions where maximum wind-forces are applied. The “V-MAX”™ strut’s radically superior engineering reduces weight and provides a multi-faceted polished exterior for refined design appeal.

Finish: aluminum, textured bright white, sea shell white, espresso, ash grey, hammered bronze, jet black

This product has a delivery estimate of 8-12 weeks.

Starting at $3,320.00

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Available Sizes: 


W 96" x H 106"
W 120" x H 130"
W 144" x H 139"
W 169" x H 159"
W 192" x H 175"


W 109" x H 102"
W 134" x H 108"
W 154" x H 132"
W 181" x H 139"
W 204" x H 151"


W 96" x D 144" x H 125"
W 121" x D 168" x H 150"
W 143" x D 192" x H 166"

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