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Design by Formstelle

KUYU – cut diamonds from solid wood.

Inspired by and abstracted from African masks, precision-cut table legs have been created to carry the tabletop. The cut diamonds of solid wood appear sculpturally powerful and at the same time seem to float. The four archetypal shapes of the tabletop invite a geometric interplay: Triangle, circle, rectangle, and free form take over the design of the room. Due to the two heights, different shapes can be combined and overlapped, creating exciting formations.

KUYU stands as a large lounge table in the living room in combination with a sofa or armchairs. In the foyer of a hotel and in the lounge area of a restaurant it creates a center of calm.

Material: Ash white oiled, oak, oak color stain, American cherry, American walnut, European walnut

This product has a delivery estimate of 12-16 weeks

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Ø 39.3"/47.2" x H 12.5"/16.5"

53.1" x W 25.9" x H 12.5"/16.5"

H 12.5", 16.5" | 39.3 × 36.2" | 48.4"× 44.8"

H 12.5", 16.5" | 59" | w 38.5"


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