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Molteni & C 505 Unit designed by Nicola Gallizia

505, Molteni&C’s key modular system, has been radically upgraded to offer furnishing systems in tune with contemporary living. The main innovations are the introduction of a new type of reinforced surface, which uses a light composite material inside: reticulated PVC foam used to make wind turbine blades. Light but structurally extremely rugged, it enables very broad surfaces (of up to 186cm) to be made, without the need for supporting partitions.

Partitions are anyway used to subdivide the spaces with the particularity of being positionable at will within the framework. New tops up to 54cm deep 7,2cm thick, allow for worktops of up to 377cm fully integrated in the composition or on their own. These can turn into desks, open or closed compartments, for book rests and objects to be displayed or stored. Discreet mechanisms allow for tip-up doors and multi-purpose roll-tops. The finishes have been enriched too, with graphite oak, a fine tactile surface with an unusual color.
This product has a delivery estimate of 14-16 weeks.

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