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Molteni&C 5050 Nightstand deigned by: Rodolfo Dordoni

The wealth of materials used and a rigorous design are the elements that characterize 5050, a collection of bedroom furniture designed by Rodolfo Dordoni. Gloss or matt lacquered surfaces alternate with wooden tops and Eco Skin trays, creating alternating color effects that please the eye and underscore the play of solids and voids of a geometric design that is never banal. An interesting feature is the rounded contour of the structural elements that make up bedside tables and chests of drawers.

Material: eucalyptus - grey oak - graphite oak/ grey - mink - hemp - ivory - dark brown/ matt lacquer colours in the Molteni colour range glossy lacquer colours in the Molteni colour range

This product has a delivery estimate of 14 -16 weeks.

Starting at $1,207.80

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Available Sizes:

Night table


W 19 5/8” x D 17 5/8” x H 19 7/8”


CCD2 dx - sx

W 35 3/8” x D 17 5/8” x H 19 7/8”/ drawer W 22 7/8”


Chest of drawers


W 50 1/4” x D 21 1/8” x H 33 1/2”

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