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Teresa Sapey surprises us with her creations, this time through the ADAN Collection for Vondom, an item with a lot of personalities, and a shape which is faceted, like that of a diamond. More than objects, they are multifunctional architecture pieces, since besides being used as vases they can be used as seats, flower pots, auxiliary tables… They are lifestyle objects that create a stir, fitting in with any style and are made of materials that allow for both outdoor and indoor use.

Pot made of polyethylene resin by rotational molding. 100% Recyclable. Item suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Available in different finishes.

This product has a delivery estimate of 14-16 weeks.For items in Stock 2 - 3 Weeks.

Available sizes:

W 5" x D 6.7" x H 7" (Nano Planter)

W 11.8" x D 16" x H 16.5" 

W 19.2" x D 26.7" x H 27.5" 

W 27.5" x D 37.7" x H 39.3" 

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