Africa Bar Stool


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Africa collection is growing. Now, Eugeni Quitllet designs the bar stool. So you can now enjoy its elegance and comfort at the Bar. He speaks of Africa Chair saying “ The most simple things are the most original... The most original thing is to be simple...” The essence of this object is contained in its simple and natural form. It is a design created to be close to your tribe of friends, just as its designer states. Simply original!

Made of gas air moulding injected polypropylene with fiberglass. Stackable. Available in several colors. Item suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

This product has a delivery estimate of 14-16 weeks. For items in stock 2 - 3 weeks.

Available sizes

W 19" x D 17.7" x H 33.2"  
IN STOCK: Bronze, Sand

W 19" x D 17.7" x H 37.2" 
IN STOCK: White, Ecru, Pistachio, Red, Sand

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