Asterias Dining Table



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Molteni&C Asterias Dining Table designed by: Patricia Urquiola

Asterias, a cactus that grows in the mountainous regions of Mexico, lends its name to this new design from Patricia Urquiola. A generously-sized roundtable, featuring a central base reminiscent of the cactus from which it takes its name. It consists of six curved, wedge-shaped, wooden panels, applied protruding over the central plinth. The panels are 3D printed. The top (160 or 180 cm) features a rounded edge sub-divided, in the wood version, into four wedges that give rise to an interesting geometric pattern. The table can also be fitted with a practical accessory: a central Lazy Susan turntable, very popular in Asian countries.

This product has a delivery estimate of 14-16 weeks

Starting at $7,035.00

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Available Sizes:

Ø 63” H 29 1/8”

Ø 70 7/8” H 29 1/8”

 ATA11 with Lazy Susan Ø 33 1/2”
Ø 63” H 29 1/8”

 ATA12 with Lazy Susan Ø 33 1/2”
Ø 70 7/8” H 29 1/8”

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