Bikappa Dining Chair



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The Bikappa aluminum chair teases the senses with its incredibly slim design. The slight construction and sleek lines lend an almost ethereal quality to this elegant chair but at the same time it is the product of high quality materials and complex manufacturing processes.

The frame utilises aluminium casting, while the seat and back are printed polypropylene. These elements are brought together using innovative construction techniques, which have resulted in an extremely minimalist look. This pleasing aesthetic quality is bolstered by the strongest and most durable build standards to ensure absolute functionality. The polished aluminium frame can be left in its natural metallic finish to provide a striking contrast with the seat and back or may be matched in the same color for a completely minimalist effect.

The Bikappa is another example of how Kristalia use their expertise to combine design and technology to produce an outstanding piece. The chair’s elegant and light form will make it a welcome feature both in domestic use or in public spaces, such as hotels, restaurants and bars.

This product has a delivery estimate of 12-16 weeks.

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Available Size:

W 167/8” x D 204/8” x H 314/8”

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