Celato Cabinets/Chest of Drawers

De Castelli

De Castelli

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Celato is a reference to what is concealed to keep a memory intact; it’s an archetype in which beauty is revealed in stages.

A monolithic appearance makes Celato a contemporary menhir; like a legend that tells of magnificent treasures safeguarded below sacred stones, Celato reveals its dual soul, with many internal, hidden, almost secret spaces.

It combines several tesserae to form a whole: aesthetics, function and an incredible ability to make each piece unique, never identical to the next, which is revealed without impudence, walking an avant-garde line between tradition and modernity.


DeLabré B stainless steel
Striped DeLabré stainless steel
Polished stainless steel
DeLabré brass
Orbitale DeLabré brass
Striped DeLabré brass
DeLabré copper
Orbitale DeLabré copper
Striped DeLabré copper

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Celato 45
W 20.4" x D 15.7" x H 17.7"

Celato 80
W 29.5" x D 15.7" x H 32.2"

Celato 130
W 51.1" x D 18.1" x H 32.2"

Celato 160
W 29.5" x D 15.7" x H 63.7"

Celato 220
W 86.6" x D 17.7" x H 17.7"

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