Chalice Hanging Lamp



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Moooi Chalice Lamp designed by: Edward van Vliet.

Captivated by the fine beauty and infinite potential of glass, Edward van Vliet reflects on its intrinsic qualities and designs a lamp to capture its essential grace. Blossoms of tulip-like flowers define the lamp and disclose their crystalline chalices. Glass is the protagonist, the quintessential messenger of light. Thanks to the dimmable LED lamps hidden behind the chalices, light is diffused in a natural way and projected by the copper plated signature flower at the heart of the blossoms. This geometric motif becomes a characteristic pattern that multiplies itself along the edge of each chalice. To complete the picture, playful floral reflections dance around the room evoking a touch of spring indoors.

Finish: Chromed Metal Sphere or Powder coated metal Sphere, Bakelite, Glass
Coming Soon.

Available Sizes:

Diameter: ø 18.8" sphere

Diameter: ø 9.4" sphere

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