Chrismy Lights



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This was inspired by natural and elegant shapes that climb towards its peak with each to-and-fro movement of its silhouette. Its interior lighting creates a truly enveloping atmosphere to enjoy in different spaces. This is a renewed classic, refined in its timeless modernity, and easily adaptable. Pure visual magic is achieved through its logical continuity.

Made of polyethylene resin by rotational molding. 100% Recyclable.
Item suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Available in different finishes.


Chrismy Nano
W7.4" x D 5" x H 9.8"

W 15" x D 10.2" x H 19.6"

W29.5" x D 12.5" x H 39.3"

W43.3" x D 15.7" x H 59"

W 59" x D 21.2" x H 78.7"

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