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Experimentation on metal, which has always characterized Lust’s work, encounters Pianca’s experience in woodworking, giving life to a fluid and organic structure. The steel structure is sinuous thanks to its curves, and at the same time dynamic, giving the impression of having maintained the malleable consistency of the molding process the material underwent. With a fluid movement, the steel legs converge, supporting the top, which seems to levitate.

The myriad of finishings allows the tables – rectangular, round and elliptical – to adapt to different styles.

Top Finishes: Laminated or Wood

Base Finish: White Metal, Chrome Metal, Lavagna Metal.

This product has a delivery estimate of 14-16 weeks.


W 90.5" x D 35.4" x H 28.7"

W 70.8" x D 47.2" x H 28.7"
W 82.6" x D 47.2" x H 28.7"
W 94.5" x D 55.1" x H 28.7"
W 118.1"  x D 55.1" x H 28.7"

Ø 47.2"
Ø 55.1"
Ø 62.9"
Ø 70.8"


W 52.3" | H 28.7" 
W 60.6" | H 28.7" 
W 69.2" | H 28.7"

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