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La Cividina

La Cividina

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design by LucidiPevere

Inspired by the homonymous train bunks, Couchette is the innovative modular system in upholstered furniture that summarizes the idea of ​​a chain of united and isolated environments. The 38 elements allow great composition freedom, up to create comfortable rooms in different sizes.

Removable padded panels can be positioned anywhere in the seat without loss of space, while accessories, such as tables, USB-electrical connections, and coat hooks, turn Couchette into extremely quiet temporary workspaces.

This product has a delivery estimate of 8-10 weeks.


2-Seater Sofa
W 78” x D 31 1/2” x H 27 1/2”
Seat H 17 3/8”

3-Seater Sofa
W 97 5/8” x  D 31 1/2” x H 27 1/2”
Seat H 17 3/8”

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