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DB is the Spanish acronym for “Diamante en Bruto” (rough diamond). Elena and Esther Castaño have joked about this nickname for years, every time they settled into an old prototype designed by her father. Every summer, the huge, comfortable armchair wrapped around them while reading or taking a nap. They always said: “We don’t understand why it wasn’t presented in society! With some small tweaks, it would fit perfectly into Sancal’s catalogue. It’s a rough diamond to be polished … “

So, after a slight restyling and upgrade, DB is ready to be enjoyed by anyone.

Its diagonal and faceted angles, even applied to the legs, remind us of the precious stone. On the other hand, its stern lines lend themselves to the product’s “rough” surname. Now it’s your turn to decide if you want to polish it.

This product has a delivery estimate of 10 - 12 weeks

Available Size:

W 72.4" x D 38.5" x H 34.6"

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