DeErosion Wall Surface

De Castelli

De Castelli

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Designed by R&D De Castelli

Part of the Detile Collection

The DeErosion collection is the culmination of long-standing experimentation and is obtained by integrating technological solutions with completely manual techniques employing craftsmanship of the highest order. The distinctive finishing is created using controlled erosion of the metal, the result of ongoing research into materials that have always been a hallmark of De Castelli.

The extremely versatile working process amplifies the vibrant appearance of the material, creating a great sense of depth.

DeErosion is available in 4 variations with patterns inspired by graphic and geometric shapes (H4, H6, H7) or organic and natural shapes (H8). Models and finishes can be combined enabling maximum freedom of composition

This product has a delivery estimate of 12-14 weeks.

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