Dolm Dining Table



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Designed By Oscar & Gabriele Buratti

Table with a 15 mm extra light glass top, painted only in the middle part as per samples in the bright version. 45° beveled glass top. Wooden base covered by the painted glass as per samples in the bright version. Dolm is suitable for modular compositions in customized sizes, on request.

Please find the full list of finishes in the specifications.

This product has a delivery estimate of 12-16 weeks.

Starting at $4,410.00

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Available Sizes:

78¾" x 39½" x 29¼"h
94½" x 39½" x 29¼"h
110¼" x 43½" x 29¼"h
126" x 43½" x 29¼"h
141¾" x 43½" x 29¼"h

DOLM System:
157½" x 43½" x 29¼"h
181¼" x 43½" x 29¼"h
212¾" x 43½" x 29¼"h
228½"x 43½" x 29¼"h
252" x 43½" x 29¼"h
299¼" x 43½" x 29¼"h

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