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CVL Luminaires

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This wall light, with an illuminated center, assembled with an extremely fine openwork or a fully covered piece of metal gives this collection an Art déco style. From semi-darkness to a patterned light source, arrangements can vary.

Identical central part for all Earth fixtures for any size and design.

FInishes: SB Satin brass, SG Satin graphite, SN Satin nickel, SC Satin copper.

Materials: Solid Brass, Polycarbonate Diffuser.

This product has a delivery estimate of 14-16 weeks.

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Earth Sober
Ø 13 ” or Ø 9.8 ”

Earth Sun/Earth Palm/Earth Mandala/ Earth Turtle
Ø 13 ” or Ø 17.3 ”

Earth Radian
Ø 13.8 ”

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