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Molteni&C Edge Rug designed by: Nicola Gallizia

Wool and linen, materials from the most sophisticated tradition of carpet manufacturing, mixed in a new way for a new soft and bright feel. The conventional edge of the carpet, which frames the central field, reinvents the decoration using the colours of our memory. It is a return to simple and elegant chromatic lines.
Structure: hand-tufted
Material: 80% Mohair Wool - 20% Linen
Colors: Grey gradient border_ Green gradient border, Rose, Moon
This product has a delivery estimate of 14-16 weeks

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Available Sizes:


W 118 1/8” x H 118 1/8”



W 157 1/2” x H 118 1/8”



W 196 7/8” x H 118 1/8”

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