Elegant Boiserie Wall Panel



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Designed by: Giuseppe Iasparra

The Boiserie Elegant System has many modular features that make it perfect for furnishing the home with elegant finishes and covering living room and bedroom walls. Panels are finished in P.3 Suede leather. End profiles are in aluminium: - bright gold, - bright Champagne gold, - matt platinum, - matt satined bronze, - bright, - bright electrocolour dark brown, - matt electrocolour black.

The main feature is the central compartment that runs along the entire length of the wall and embellishes the compartment with elegant inserts illuminated with soft LED light. Variants come in many materials: - insert covered in P.3 leather Cat. Suede with 3D effect with “Diamond” or “Sequence” decoration in relief, - mirror insert with etched “Diamond” or “Sequence” decoration, - insert in marble from the range, - insert in backlit ivory onyx.

This product has a delivery estimate of 16-18 weeks


Modules without inserts

M45 W 17.7" x H 35.4", 33"

M90 W 35.4" x H 35.4", 33"


Modules with inserts

I45   W 17.7" x H 33"

I90   W 35.4" x H 33"

I90 Single slab   W 70.8" x H 33"


Headboard unit

Upholstered headboard W 70.8" x H 35.4"

2xI90+2xM90+headboard W 70.8" x H 106.2"

2xI90+headboard W 70.8" x H 70.8"

I180+2xM90+headboard W 70.8" x H 106.2"

I180+headboard W 70.8" x H 70.8"

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