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Designed by Isaac Piñeiro

Isaac Piñeiro, from Nadadora design studio, surprises us again with a fresh vision for small, yet essential pieces. The Elephant is a family of poufs with simple, geometric squares and rectangles which have had their edges rounded to give a slightly more welcoming feel.

This family comprises three poufs, one of 45×45 and another measuring 90×45 – which is also available with a wooden tray. Fun and versatile, they can fit into any setting: as a seat at the foot of a bed, a stool in a chic café, or as small islands in the hotel reception. You decide!

This product has a delivery estimate of 10 - 12 weeks

Price Upon Request

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17.7" X 17.7" x H 16.5"
35.4" X 17.7" x H 16.5"
35.4" X 17.7" x H 20" With tray

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