Erosion Rust Rectangle Rug



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Equivalent to beginnings, endings hold a type of beauty only nature can provide. The transiency of material can be a glorious thing to behold. The different colourful stages of natural Erosion captured in a carpet collection to be admired forever.

Quiet Collection

The Quiet collection, with its understated luxury, gives way for extraordinary Moooi designs to shine even brighter.  The collection’s design brings a subdued elegance as the base for any space and provides a centre space for extraordinary design. The Quiet carpets is a collection of four designs in different colourways, inspired by the beauty and transiency of nature; Horizon, Morning, Erosion and Patina.

This product has a delivery estimate of 8-12 weeks. 

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Available Sizes

78.7" x 118.1"
118.1" x 157.5"

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