Etoile Pendant



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Designed by: Christian Lava

Etoile’s intricate network of intersecting nickel lines recalls constellations in a clear night sky. Strategically placed bulbs cast a starry light, twinkling as viewers move around the pendant. Through projecting these complex patterns throughout the room, Etoile casts a heavenly glow in any space.

This product has a delivery estimate of 8-10 weeks. 


Canopy Ø 8.6 x  H 2.6"

Body Ø 27.6" x  H 78.7"


Canopy Ø 6.1 x  H 2.6"

Body W 51.2" x D  7.9" x  H 78.7"


Canopy Ø 4.7" x  H 1"

Body Ø 4.7" x  H 74.8"



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