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Designed By Arnold Merckx

Extempore is an extensive and modular outdoor furniture range offering solutions for all your day-to-day needs such as sitting, dining, lying, relaxing, reading, etc. Its major innovation however is invisible to the end-user: with the Extempore range, the production of waste material has been kept to a minimum. Each (wooden) element can be used on any product within the range. Originally the wood furthermore came from areas managed by nature conservation organizations and nowadays Extremis still exclusively uses FSC labeled wood. As the Extempore range is made exclusively with top-quality materials, it can be left outdoors all year long. The range’s extensive nature is clearly exemplified by the large choice of table sizes, each with matching chairs or benches, and the footrest, lounge chair, and sun lounger that are also included in the range. Many sizes are available including custom sizes.

Frame Finish: Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel

Top Finish: Jatoba Hardwood

This product has a delivery estimate of 10-14 weeks.

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Available Sizes:

L 53 1/2" x D 35 1/2 x H 29 1/2"

L 70 3/4" x D 35 1/2 x H 29 1/2

L 88 1/2" x D 35 1/2" x H 29 1/2"

L 106 1/4" x D 35 1/2 x H 29 1/2

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