Extrados Table

Ego Paris

Ego Paris

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Like an albatross floating in the azure. Dining sets with aerial and pure lines. Accessorize your table as you want by creating your own table runner. Legs available in 22 different colors or brushed stainless steel. Tabletop available in Corian, Ceramic or HPL. Modular Runners available in Lacquered Aluminum, Teak, HPL, or Corian. Tray and Bucket also available for a table runner. Design Ego Paris.

This product has a delivery estimate of 10-14 weeks. For items in Stock delivery estimate 2 - 4 weeks

Starting at $6,920.00

Available Sizes:

Extendable Extrados Table available in 2 different sizes.
Small: L 71.7" Closed / L 95.3" Extended x D 43.3" x H 29.1"
Large: L 95.3" Closed / L 130.7" Extended x D 43.3" x H 29.1"

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