Fil de Fer Nuvola Suspension Lamp

Catellani & Smith

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Fil de Fer is a lighting fixture made of shaped, woven aluminum wire, which is lit on the inside by tiny bulbs. Designed and made by Enzo Catellani, it is the creation closest to his heart. Developed almost twenty years ago for a special commission, it was never used for that particular project and was hung up in his workshop. Each time it was switched on, it enchanted everyone with its special, magical atmosphere. Enzo Catellani decided then to continue working on it. The lamp was later placed on the market and quickly became the most iconic lighting fixture in the Catellani & Smith range.

Materials and colors: Natural aluminum wire sphere with metal nickel base.

Power supply: driver 12V DC 110V or 240V Triac dimmable

Price Upon Request

Available Sizes:

mod. A
W 47.2" x19.6" x H 13.7" 
base Ø 8.2" × 4.1" 

mod. E
W 78.7"x 31.4" x H 19.6"
base Ø 9.8" × 4.9"

mod. F
W 94.4" x 55.1 x H 19.6"
ca. base Ø 9.8 × 4.9"

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