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Foscarini Flip Wall Sconce by: Simon Pengelly

A wall sculpture with a dynamic frame, this lamp merges functionality with style to offer maximum versatility as a light source. Flip is a lamp to admire but also to touch and direct its warm luminosity. It is beautiful when switched on or off. Resulting from an idea of interactivity, for which the user can decide whether to adjust the brightness, direction and the quality of light with a simple movement, Flip makes it possible to move the diffuser in five different positions for a multitude of effects.
Materials: Varnished injection molded polycarbonate and varnished metal or aluminum (LED)
Color: white
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Flip Wall Sconce is available in stock
White color
W 11" x D 5 1/8" x H 12 1/8" size

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Available Size:

W 11" x D 5 1/8" x H 12 1/8" 

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