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FOLD is the name of the new cabinet which forms a practical addition to the Magic Desk. This stylish cabinet on castors is characterized by its clear-cut design in a choice of either polished or matt finished stainless steel, its fine details, and practical storage space. The top shelf folds out and can be extended from 41 cm to 82 cm to provide a large shelf area. When folded, it alternatively provides a handy space-saving option. Two drawers with elegant textile leather trim and velvet lining provide plenty of storage space. There is a small drawer containing a compartment for pens and a large drawer which can be used for storing folders and provides enough room for inserting hanging file folders. A gentle press is all that is required to open the drawers. This handle-free concept reflects the clear lines of the design on the front cabinet. The Fold is also available with 3 drawers.

This product has a delivery estimate of 10-14 weeks


16.1" (32.2") x 22.4" x 17.3"

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