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De Castelli

De Castelli

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Design R&D De Castelli

Part of the Detile Collection

The distinctive feature of this line of compositional modules suitable for both small and large spaces is the great variety of formats and finishes. With the utmost attention to every detail, the modules are cut and finished by hand, ensuring the edges and corners of each piece are particularly smooth.

Available in 7 shape formats, from rectangular to square and even hexagonal. The material is delivered ready for installation.


DeLabré natural black iron G1
DeLabré - B stainless steel E11
Orbitale DeLabré stainless steel G2
Striped DeLabré stainless steel E6
DeLabré copper G5
DeLabré brass F2
Striped DeLabré brass G7
Striped DeLabré copper G6
Orbitale DeLabré brass G3
Orbitale DeLabré copper G4
Brushed copper M10
Brushed brass M9

This product has a delivery estimate of 12-14 weeks.

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