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Sometimes a name can say a lot, sometimes it says everything. Geo is an all rounded armchair, the protagonist in a home. It’s generous without invading space, welcoming without being suffocating and soft without being informal.  Thanks to its unique design Geo is voluminous yet light, like a nest suspended in air, held up by small branches. The proportions have been designed with utmost attention to detail and with careful observation it will be noticed that the arm width is slightly different from that of the back, the ergonomic needs are different, and it has been a design choice to steer clear from a more typical uniform width that goes right around the entire armchair.

The seat itself has less padding compared to the arms which are designed to hug the body. Every detail has been carefully studied to give life to a special object where the main volume of the seat and the very light volume of the legs find a unique harmony together. The metallic structure is available in different finishings, matt and polished, and adds a luxurious feel. Further, the material shell is completely removable for dry cleaning and the metal structure in the various finishings is designed for easy cleaning.

Frame Finish: Glossy Copper, Satin Brass, Grey.

This product has a delivery time of 10 - 12 weeks.

Starting at $2,377.00

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Available Size:

W 35.4" x D 32.2" x H 30.7"

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