Giga-Lite Suspension



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Foscarini Giga-Lite Suspension is designed by: Marc Sadler

Suspension lamp with diffused and direct light. Diffuser achieved using an artisanal process that entails the application of a carbon thread for the black version onto a glass fabric. Brushed steel mount with a transparent protective coating. Ceiling rose with galvanized metal bracket and nickel-plated metal cover, transparent electrical cable. Canopy decentralization kit available.
Materials: fiberglass fabric with carbonium thread, steel and nickel-plated metal
Color: black
This product has a delivery estimate of 8-12 weeks. Products in stock - 2 weeks.

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Giga-Lite Suspension is available in stock
Black color
Ø 19 3/4" x H Max 196 3/4" size

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