Gregg Floor Lamp



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Foscarini Gregg Floor Lamp design by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba

Floor lamp with diffused light. White satin finish hand-blown diffuser achieved using a glass-blowing procedure without turning the glass in the mold (referred to as "stationary"), subject to immersion in acid. A matt transparent injection-molded polycarbonate ring nut is incorporated into the glass. Metal helical section rod covered with liquid coated rigid polyurethane and epoxy powder-coated metal base. The transparent cable is fitted with a dimmer which can be used both to adjust the level of luminous intensity gradually or as the ON/OFF switch.
Materials: blown acid-etched glass, white lacquered polyurethane, and metal
Color: white
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Gregg Floor Lamp is available in stock
White color
Shade Ø 18 1/2" x H 15 3/4"
Ø 17" x H 74 7/8"  size

Shade Ø 12 3/16" x H 10 1/4"
Ø 17" x H 66 1/2" size

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Available Sizes:

Gregg large
Shade Ø 18 1/2" x H 15 3/4"
Ø 17" x H 74 7/8

Gregg medium
Shade Ø 12 3/16" x H 10 1/4"
Ø 17" x H 66 1/2" 

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