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Set of small tables specifically designed by Vincent Van Duysen to go with the Gregor sofa. They echo the rounded angles of the sofa to create a harmonious whole.

Square or rectangular, these are occasional tables each with two wooden horizontal tops, supported by curved hide leather-covered vertical elements, which form a partially closed compartment between the top and the shelf below, designed to hold various handy objects for those sitting on the sofa.

“Two refined materials, leather, and timber creating a subtle yet contemporary language by the contrast of their respective thicknesses. Simple shapes rhythmed through open and closed parts, the coffee tables are a nice addition to the Gregor Sofa collection.” Vincent Van Duysen

This product will be available Fall 2019


W 39” D 18 1/8” H 13 3/4”
W 71 1/4” D 14 1/8” H 13 3/4”
W 47 5/8” D 35 7/8” H 13 3/4”

W 39” D 39” H 13 3/4”
W 47 5/8” D 47 5/8” H 13 3/4”
W 59 1/2” D 59 1/2” H 13 3/4”

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