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Inlay entirely recovers the inlay technique, an ancient and precious old-time tradition. The product is available in two models: a sideboard for the sitting room and a chest of drawers with 2 drawers, covered with a decoration recalling parallelepipeds crossed in space, leading to a unique 3 D effect.

Inlay is the result of an accurate processing technique, with 4 different oak colors and a black profile: a contour line separating the different faces of the texture while defining the design. The sideboard exhibits a unique asymmetrical opening and it is internally fitted with simple shelves and separators.

The chest of drawers exhibits 2 drawers, fitted with 2 internal trays and a single front. The Inlay handles are in solid oak; the interior of sideboard and chest of drawer is in natural oak.

This product has a delivery estimate of 14-16 weeks.

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W 55.1" X D 17.7" x H 60.8"
W 70.8" x D 21.6" x H 23.4"

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