Innerlight Wall Sconce



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Foscarini Innerlight Wall Sconce design by: Simon Pengelly

Wall lamp with reflected and diffused light. The translucent polycarbonate wall fitting acts both as the housing for the lighting technology part as well as a support for the three steel blades, which differ in curvature and size. The steel slabs are epoxy powder coated in the white version and hand treated with a special acid-etching in the brown version. The two light bulbs are positioned on different surfaces to exploit all the available light diffusion; with electronic ballast.
Materials: Translucent polycarbonate and coated or acid-etched steel
Colors: white, brown
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Innerlight Wall Sconce is available in stock
White, brown colors
W 30 1/4 " x D 4 1/2" x H 12 1/2" size

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Available Size:

W 30 1/4 " x D 4 1/2" x H 12 1/2"

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