Kaipo TOO Table Lamp



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The Kaipo TOO is the successor of the first Kaipo design, dating back to 2001. The lighting object still sports the classic shape of the archetypical lamp base. The main difference lies in the choice of materials. The first Kaipo was a statement of contrast, is made of glass and steel. The Kaipo TOO radiates unity as it is made solely out of glass. 

The Kaipo TOO is hand blown in the Italian region Venetia. Home of traditional glassmaking. The transparency of the Kaipo TOO creates an airy stratification. The feminine contours of the archetypical base add grace and elegance. The Kaipo TOO stands through the test of time. Its classical shape is well suited for a Frivolous French parlor. However, due to the use of one material, the Kaipo TOO also finds its place in a modern and minimal loft. Truly a timeless lighting object. 

The Kaipo TOO comes in two colors; Pewter and Sepia. 

Lightsource Type:LED

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