La Belle Étoile Suspension Lamp



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Elegant and sensual movement is part of La Belle Étoile’s visual grammar; the suspension is inspired by the graceful twirling of a ballerina. The lightweight yet unbreakable lamp is completely handcrafted in Slamp’s atelier. The dialogue between technological innovation and stylistic originality speaks loudly; the LED source can be easily and quickly changed thanks to the exclusive magnetic hanging system, and a white texture printed on transparent, patented polymers, are elements that combine to create refined, contemporary design. The soft, luminous LED source can be dimmed from full illumination to a supple ambient glow to complement its surroundings. Both the suspension and applique/ceiling versions are versatile, avantgarde lighting solutions offering minimalistic, glamorous aesthetics. La Belle Étoile brings sculptural illumination to an array of interiors.
Available in White.
Material: Cristalflex®

Light Source: 25W - 200 ~240 Vac / 40 Vdc 3.000 Lumen 2700 Kelvin (warm white) CRI 90 Dimmable with: PWM, 0-10


Ø 21” x h. 17-3/4”
Ø 35-1/2” x h. 21-3/4”

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