Lake Wall Sconce



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Foscarini Lake Wall Sconce is designed by Lucidi e Pevere

A wall lamp with a diffused, reflected light. The diffuser is made of liquid varnished injection-molded ABS. The white epoxy powder varnished wall mount in die-cast steel acts as a heat sink for the LED board. The LEDs are directly powered without an adaptor and can be dimmed. The LED board is protected and hidden by a small polycarbonate diffuser. To increase the light and improve its distribution on the surface of the diffuser there are two reflecting screens in the LED housing. It can be installed in two positions, on a vertical axis with the light orientated upwards or downwards. Dimmable only with SEOUL - Acrich LED modules dimmer.
Materials: injection-molded ABS
Colors: ivory, red
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Lake Wall Sconce is available in stock
Ivory, red colors
W 19 1/8" x D 3 3/4" x H 18 7/8" size

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Available Size:

11/8" x D 3 3/4" x H 18 7/8"

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