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Gallotti&Radice Leaf designed by: Ricardo Bello Dias 

A system of extra light or “grigio Italia” beveled mirrors fixed on panels on different tilts. 
Available single or as per standard compositions. 
Chromed or burnished metal joint structure.

This product has a delivery estimate of 12-16 weeks

Starting at $3,480

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Available Sizes:

Composition 1 - 84¾" x 78¾"h
36¼" x 17¾"h A
34¾" x 15¾"h B
48¼" x 19¾"h C

Composition 2 - 71" x 92¾"h
45½" x 12"h D
21¾" x 8½"h E
45½" x 12"h F

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