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LED wallpaper was pioneered by Meystyle in 2004. The LEDs are completely integrated into the wallpaper without adding any thickness to the material. This allows the wallpaper to be hanged like any traditional wall covering with the added requirement of an electrical socket.


Every roll of Meystyle LED wallpaper is custom-made to project. Each LED is incorporated by hand. The company uses an exclusive technology that allows to seamlessly connect each roll of LED wallpaper to the adjacent ones through an intuitive system of flat metal connectors that reduce the wiring to a minimum. The wallpaper does not require special preparations. Any professional installer can hang it without problems.


Meystyle LEDs come in two colors: warm white and cool white. They are low-voltage, which makes them totally safe and environmentally friendly. All LEDs are estimated to work up to six years when left on for 24 hrs a day in normal room temperature, which means you will be able to enjoy your wallpaper for a very long time. All designs can be customized with LEDs upon request.


Meystyle LED wallpaper is the perfect solution to create a feature wall in the room that will stand out. The LEDs provide a soft mood lighting providing the right atmosphere for any interior while also working as a spatial marker when the other light sources are off. The LEDs can be used to accent an area of the wall or be spread throughout the whole room. The choice is yours!

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