Light Ring Horizontal Polygonal Suspension


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Henge Light Ring Horizontal Polygonal designed by: Massimo Castagna

Pendant energy saving led (energy efficiency index A) lamp with warm light, formed with rings of various sizes and types of illumination; incorporating transformers in the ceiling rosette, low voltage power supply to the rings through the suspension cables. Standard overall height 180 cm
Finish: brass hand-burnished using traditional techniques. H-Silver®: pure 99.9% silver on Brass, burnished by hand using traditional techniques, which is a result of an exclusive Henge recipe
This product has a delivery estimate of 12-16 weeks

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Available Sizes:

Ring Ø 70.8" with leds pointing downward
Ring Ø 86.6" with leds pointing downward
Ring Ø 110.2" with leds pointing downward
Ring Ø 118.1" with leds pointing downward

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