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Moooi Light Shade Shade Pendant designed by: Jurgen Bey (Droog design)

‘Light Shade Shade’ is a one way mirror that reflects its environment as well as concealing the chandelier within. When the light is turned on, the ‘Light Shade Shade’ reveals its unforeseen identity and projects the former beauty that lies within.

Material: Semi-transparant mirror film shade, metal frame structure.
An old lamp (available in 3 varieties).
This product has a delivery estimate of 8-12 weeks. Products in stock - 2 weeks.

Light Shade Shade is available in stock

Ø 18.5" x H 32.3" size Shade 47/ Chandelier
Ø 27.6" x H 29.9" size Shade 70/ Chandelier
Ø 37.4" x H 29.9" size Shade 95/ Chandelier


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