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Molteni&C Loop&Cut Rug designed by: Particia Urquiola

Loop&Cut is Inspired by techniques used in knitting, and especially by the ribbing on pullover cuffs, used for these rugs as edging. A feature that gives the product character and a touch of originality. From the long-standing partnership between Molteni&C and Patricia Urquiola, a new family of products: three floor rugs together in an exclusive collection. The Spanish designer offers her creative interpretation of the values underpinning all Molteni&C’s production, perfectly in tune with the refined but sober elegance that the brand represents. A meeting between the highest Western creativity and millennial Asian craftsmanship. Ancient hands interpret the designs, contributing with small personal variations which have always been the weavers prerogative.
Hand woven
Material: Bamboo silk 50% + linen 50%
Colors: Milky _ Artic _ Stone _ Navy _ Tan
This product has a delivery estimate of 14-16 weeks

Starting at $7,050.00

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Available Sizes:


W 118 1/8” x H 98 3/8”



W 157 1/2” x H 118 1/8”

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