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Foscarini Lumiere Table Lamp is designed by Rodolfo Dordoni

Table lamp with direct and diffused light. Hand-blown cased glass diffuser with a glossy finish, white on the inside and colored on the outside. In the turquoise, cherry red and warm white versions, the glass has an additional internal glass layer in a pale, straw-yellow color (5 layers of glass in total). With the straw-yellow interior, the "warm white" version appears ivory in hue when the lamp is on and it remains white when off. In the cherry red and turquoise versions, this double casing makes the light warmer and the color more intense. Die-cast aluminum tripod base, hand finished and polished in the aluminum version, coated with liquid paint in the champagne or black chrome version; scratch-proof silicone feet. ON/OFF switch on the transparent cable or with dimmer for the gradual brightness adjustment.
Materials: Lumiere: blown glass and polished or varnished aluminum
Colors: white, warm white, cherry, turquoise
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Lumiere Table Lamp is available in stock
White, warm white, cherry, turquoise colors
Ø 10 1/4" x H 17 3/4" Shade H 6 3/4" size
Ø 7 7/8" x H 13 3/4" Shade H 5 1/2" size

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Available Sizes:


Ø 10 1/4" x H 17 3/4" Shade H 6 3/4"



Ø 7 7/8" x H 13 3/4" Shade H 5 1/2"

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