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Like an architecture that is in keeping with its surroundings, the Kettal Maia, a collection designed by Patricia Urquiola has a natural lightness and elegance. The design of the artisan braiding, the sturdiness of the aluminum frame, and the new, Porotex and chenille fabric collection create a combination that oozes energy. Includes Seat Cushion.

Frame 1 Finish: Feldspar, Curcum, Alpine Glow, Terracota, Magma, Terra Rossa, Sepia, Cobalt, Oasis, Bronce, Indigo, Gypsum, Kaolin, Bone, Chalk, Manganese, London Clay, Flint, Carbon, Peeble

Frame 2 Finish: Marengo Maia, 827 White Maia, 075 Chesnut Maia

Fabric Finish: 285 Dry Sand Laminate, 286 Deer Laminate, 287 Wetsand Laminate, 288 Cedar Laminate,  289 Fog Laminate, 291 Porous Grey Laminate, 292 Limestone Laminate, 293 Charcoal Laminate, 294 Ashrose Laminate, 296 Moss Laminate, 291 White Cliffs Laminate

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Available Size:

W 18" x D 18" x H 37" x Seat H 30.3"

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